Segara Anakan Beach is Virgin Beaches in Malang

Malang is very famous for the beauty of its beaches are still beautiful and secure. Who does not know Balekambang Beach and Goa Cina Beach, the beach has become the second Prima Donna of the traveller who wants to take a vacation to the unfortunate. But if the goal of your vacation is to find the tranquility of course beaches like that of course is not suitable for you. In malang there is one beach that is highly recommended for the traveller who is looking for tranquility while enjoying the natural beauty of the picturesque and beautiful still haven't touched a lot of people. named The Segara Anakan Beach.

Probably just some people who know about these Segara Anakan beach. It is very reasonable because this beach is located on a small uninhabited island named Smepu Island. Sempu island is uninhabited island which has an area of about 877 Acres located approximately 60 km south of the city of Malang. The island is still very beautiful once because still not many travelers who know this place. In this small island there is a Tidal Beach Segara beauty is so amazing. Segara Anakan is located among the forests surrounding it.

Segara Anakan Beach, located on the island Sempu is one of the picturesque panorama in Malang. The beach is shaped like a Lake on the southern side of the island Sempu, however water ' Lake ' is sea water entering through a hole in one of the cliffs of the island Sempu delimiter with the Indian Ocean. Although shaped like a Lake Segara Beach, Chicks have white sandy beaches, but not compared to the vastness of the Kuta Beach in Bali. Play on the beach is absolutely safe, because ' its ' (Segara Saplings) is not the sea, but large enough puddles that are restricted by the sturdy stone cliffs with the Indian Ocean.
There are still Beach Inn beside the land enough to make the tent. Travelers, especially those who like adventure, will stay at the Segara Anakan Beachby opening the hood. Don't ask the Inn here, because this area is a nature reserve that should not be built. If you want to stay, should you go in a big group, because if only 2-3 people may be crisp and a rather horror:). Overnight stay at Segara Anakan will give you unforgettable memories. You seem to have a ' private beach ' where you can play volleyball, swimming, snorkling. You can also climb the cliffs border the Indian Ocean with Seagara Anakan to watch the waves in the Ocean off violently.

The question is, how can the access road to get the beauty of it all? The answer: way there is indeed challenging (read: a bit heavy).

The only access to the island Sempu is Sndang Biru Beach which is where fish auction in Malang South. The distance Sendang Biru Beach with the Malang city about 70 km. Normally, 70 km distance you can travel about 1.5 hour trip from the city but alang to the Sendang Biru beach can be accessed  crossing the Balekambang Cross from the coast by Street South Districts Malang.

From Sendang biru, you must take a boat headed for the starting point of trekking on the island Sempu. Before you get on the boat, you will be asked to take care of themselves to the guard post. Tips: don't be linger serving watchman, tell you that You're ready to go and don't forget pay administration (approximately USD 20 thousand). Boat rental cost around Rp 200 to Rp 100 thousand thousand back and forth, don't forget to ask for the phone number of the owner of the boat so that by the time you get home can menghunginya to pick you up. Time trekking in the woods of the island Sempu about 30 minutes (when all members of the troupe's usual way far). If you want to go to the island Sempu, highly recommended to choose dry season rainy season because if the road to tracking very slippery. If you are offered a guide, if indeed there is no need, no need to. Because a lot of guide-guide who was there will tell you the terrible things such as the possibility of getting lost, etc.

After crossing the street is full of challenges, next you'll be satisfied smile after seeing Segara Anakan Beach be on your right (municipality)
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