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Karangkates tourism The Latest

Karangkates, the beautyful place IndonesiaKarangkates is a village in Sumberpucung District of Malang. But Karangkates better known as tourist spots with water power plant dam. Karangkates is located approximately 35 km from the city of Malang to the South, the location is very strategic, located on the edge of the highway that passed by public vehicles Department of Malang-Blitar, making it easier for visitors to come to the Park Karangkates.

Karangkates has three tourist Parks locations, namely:
1. Karangkates Park located in the North of the Dam Sutami
2. Raimuna refreshing Area located to the South of the Dam Sutami
3. Lahor Dam parks located in the South of the Dam Lahor

Tours Karangkates Park

Facilities in the area of 6 hectares Park Karangkates equipped facilities as follows:
1. mini zoo there are deer and a Peacock;
2. children's Toys
3. Canteen
4. Place the sale of souvenirs typical Poor area and surroundings
5. Mosque, bath, WC.

SPECIFIC dams in the Park can be used: Karangkates
1. paddle race Arena
2. Place fish fishing
3. Recreational Water
4. the Study Tour

For those who have a hobby of riding a bike, Park Tours can be made into Karangkates mountain bike arena.


Facilities in the area of 5 hectare Dam Park facility equipped Lahor as follows:
1. children's Toys
2. Place the sale of souvenirs typical Poor area and surroundings

SPECIFIC dams in Dam Park Lahor as:
1. a place to rest for a moment on the way as well as family recreation for groups
2. as the Study Tour;
3. Place fish fishing
4. water Recreation.


Location in residential area Karangkates Service:
Homeless amounted to 18 units
-Building meetings amounted to 3 units

A variety of tourisme object beach at south regions of Malang

A variety of tourisme object beach at along Jalan Lintas Selatan the coast South of Malang, the beaches in the South region of Malang will began, after the construction of the Jalan Lintas Selatan. We can enjoy a very nice its view when we pass the Jalan Lintas Selatan in South region of Malang from either direction of the Subdistrict Donomulyo to East or vice versa.

The beaches are, Jongring Saloko beach, Ngliyep beach, Banthol beach, Kondang Iwak beach, Balekambang beach,Ngantep  beach, Ngudel beach, Batu Bekung beach, Bajol Mati beach, Goa China  beach , Tiga warna beach , Segara Anakan beach, Sendang biru  beach and others is Tamban beach

Parks dam Lahor Help your journey

Parks dam Lahor help your journey >>>Is one of the tourist attractions in our area is very healthy in every moment. Natural shades are great for a break in the middle of a trip from the city of Malang to your destination as the city of Blitar and Trenggalek, Tulungagung, or Kediri.

Around Lahor Dam is filled with a wide range of relaxing facilities just to loosen muscles that spasm due to travel long distances. There is an assortment of store to pamper your taste buds with culinary eating menu, ranging from traditional to modern menu with the there.
In addition to the break while eating, you can also break that actually, because around Lahor Dam many lodgings available. If you are sleepy and need to sleep, please rent a lodging. Rents lodging from RP. 70,000 up to Rp. 200,000. With adequate facilities like hotels in the city.
Garden tours lahor dam can also be used for you who love fishing. There are many places that you can use for fishing. You can use the edge of the southern part of the North or dams for fishing without having to pay. While the fishing area will have to pay is to the North of the Hotel Holly.
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Kondang Merak Beach turns out to be suitable for snorkling

I live a few kilo metres from the Kondang Merak Beach, therefore I will tell you in this blogg I Love Indonesia.
Kondang Merak Beach is one of the tourist destinations located in Malang. Kondang Merak Beach, although not very popular but not less interesting and exotic than any other South Beach attractions are more popular as Balekambang Beach, Ngliyep Beach, TambanBeach or Sendang Biru Beach.With coastal environments that are still clean and very naturally be the attraction for tourists.

A wide beach with pure white sand, calm waves, lush coastline, as well as a great rock solid and will be found on the beaches Flagship Peacock. The number of Eagle flying increasingly add to the beauty of this beach.The Kondang Merak Beach location is quite close to the Balekambang Beach, a term packet. So if you pay a visit to the beach, it would be more complete if Balekambang drop also to Kondang Merak Beach.Only about half a mile from the coast Balekambang Beach.
Kondang Merak Beach

If the city of Malang vehicle takes 3 hours southward to Kondang Merak Beach. you must go through the Kepanjen, Pagak subdistrict  and Bantur. The Kondang Merak Beach located in the village Sumberbening, district Bantur. People living on the coast about 20 families and all as a fisherman.

As with any other South coast, waves on the kondang Merak also ferocious with huge waves and wind are quite firm. The Kondang Merak beach  overgrown various types of algae. A little into the Middle, there are small islands that overgrown shrubs.

Here we can spend the night with the set up tents then lit a bonfire while looking at the beach still very natural. There is a forest guard in front of the sentry entrance tourist area so it is still relatively safe.

Although the road in hitchhiking to get to the renowned Kondang Merak Beach not that great, but the views that we find will not disappoint because the exoticism of nature that is natural, calm and silent. For those who have never visited the Kondang Merak beach , try it sometime if you come to the city of Malang to see the beauty of God's creation that is truly amazing.Later during the holidays or planning a special tour agenda to this Iconic Kondang Merak Beach.

The existing activities in Kondang Merak Beach
  • The renowned Beach fun Peacock used for Snorkling (like sports diving), Snorkling at the Kondang Merak beach has been done by some of the foreign tourists who visit. 
  • Enjoy a special meal of Sataymeat tuna, which became a favourite local tourists and foreign tourists. 
  • Shop sale banana cake as a gift shop home of people waiting when we get home. About a sale banana cake, this cake have a taste that is very good, because it is made from bananas of choice. The java naming pisang raja (plantain).
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Jonggring Saloko Beach

Jonggring Saloko beach is one of outstanding natural tourism in Malang Regency. The Located Jonggring Saloko Beach is 11 km from the Office of Donomulyo district which Gondangtowo village at side ends south.

Geographical Jonggring Saloko Beach, located in the village of Gondangtowo, district Donomulyo of Malang Province of East Java-Indonesia. Jonggring Saloko Beach are in the region of the South coast of Java island adjoining the beaches are tourist destinations already famous "Ngliyep" Beach which is the next to its East and the "Modangan" beach in bronzes.


Source "Broos" pictures from Info Kepanjen
"Broos" derived from the Javanese language which means that water gushed. Jonggring Saloko Beach in fact is very beautiful and attractive as a place of recreation, which contained several locations, one of which is the existence of a 'Brooss ', i.e. the occurrence of Broos waves hit the rocks and water can cause sound ' and ' sea water Broos can emanates from the stone above an altitude of 10 meters from the sea level.

Soft Sand
Source Soft sand picture from Info Kepanjen

We will find the soft sand on one of the beaches that are in the Jonggring Saloko the beach. Swim and play sand you can do here after happy enjoying the beauty that we encounter. Sand bathing, joking around with family on the beach that has soft sand is make us happy.

Route to the Jongring Saloko beach which also belongs to the still very challenging, because it passes through the cobbled streets as well as in the trees in the around road, so the Jonggring Saloko beach  moment is perfect for day trips while enjoying a unique journey.

Source : Info Kepanjen.

The Dilemma Of Balinese Tourism

The Dilemma Of Balinese Tourism
The dilemma of tourism towards the survival of nature and culture of Bali has been feared by scholars since the 1930s.

During this time Bali tourism now with the intervention of outside parties: in the days of the colonial Netherlands parties and a handful of other foreigners, and in the days of the independence of the Central Government (aided local bureaucrats) along the great financier of Bali. The local population and its culture are seen as mere commodities or objects: provider of cultural attractions — become a spectacle — and healthcare service providers. Planning and management of not being a portion of local involvement. Until now these patterns continue to run. The latest example is the pembabatan area of the protected forest in the area of Bedugul hotels for permission from Jakarta pocketed unbeknownst to local people; also plan to build Geothermal power plants that are suspected of being part of the scenario for the development of extensive land mastery resort although obviously got widespread rejection of the community.

No denying that today's tourism economy brought blessing to Bali, though uneven because there is a small group of local people who get big portions. But in General, because the effect of the multiplier, an increase in per capita income or purchasing power of the people. The influx of large effect on increasing the financiers of the number and quality of tourism as well as a means of supporting facilities including the repair of roads in Bali that ensure a smooth economic activities in General. Likewise the industry support or follow-up is thriving.

Increased income per capita by Balinese allocated in fulfillment of the needs of modern life, such as ancillary costs of education, transportation, and other modern products. As humans generally people of Bali have also aroused by the thought of temptation goods consumerism. And of course some allocated on the Customs and rituals of religious activities, including the inside of the performing arts. The pattern of life in two worlds is pressing for the Balinese people always have money. The reliance of tourism to Bali in Bali modern survival has been such a big. Tourism has become the main flagship, replacing agriculture and small industry.

Meanwhile, the Balinese people also watched and felt the drastic changes that are going on around them, especially since the tourism boom of the 1980s. Impact-the impact they see is the shift in land-agricultural land into a residential and tourist areas; Sea, Lake and river terpolusi; the volume of rubbish especially inorganic risen sharply; energy and clean water dispersed-scatter them; the increasing population density in part by an influx of migrants from outside the island of Bali, foreign and domestic; as well as rising crime, misuse of alcohol and drugs, and the spread of HIV/AIDS. Not to mention other problems-problems, and are still buried under the surface. The number of people of Bali are starting to fall into behaviors that jeopardize and violation of the law has also increased.

More recently, since 2003 following the 2002 Bali bombing, appeared a discourse is widespread now Are called Bali. A discourse on the essence of the emerging concern or confusion is Balinese people see a variety of negative situations that occurred in Bali, including fears of Balinese people becoming a minority in the island due to the rush of immigrants from other islands, especially Java and Lombok. Act No. 22/1999 and PP No. 25/2000 on autonomous region that focuses on regional level II also feared could destabilize Bali as a unity of nature and culture for interpretations and different interests from existing counties in Bali. So there's still a discourse-a discourse that Bali had special autonomy which is autonomous in the provincial level (see Tim Framers Bali Post 2004).

The impact or influence of tourism on the culture of Bali by researchers described as negative and positive. The negative impact is the occurrence of commercialization, commodification and profanisasi that leads to penggerusan; medium impact result terpacunya creativity art culture is the local population to meet the interests of tourism (see Ruastiti, 2005; Ardika 2004). In the context of the traditional performing arts of positive and negative influence also occurred. The emergence of real creativity once looks at growing increasingly different types of performance art in Bali including the growing number of actuator artistry, but at the same time some of the sacred Dance ritual procession elements including having profanisation due to begin its premiere to tourists.

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Simping Island , tourism unique at West Kalimantan.

A visit to the region of Borneo in March 2011 ago makes me want to share about information about the uniqueness of this region. Borneo as the largest island in Indonesia has many quirks that you can visit, if it will make a tour in various regions of the world.

The first information is about the island Simping , which has its own uniqueness compared area tours in Indonesia. Indeed Indonesia already had a island of Bali with a rich variety of uniqueness.

Simping Island , tourism unique at West Kalimantan.
Simping island is one among many tourist objects that existed in West Kalimantan. The island is very unique and certainly only exists in West Kalimantan. The island formerly known as “Kelapa Dua Island” is located on the Bay of Mak Jantu ', at the area of Island Park, Sinka Singkawang. That makes this island so unique is its existence which turns out to be the ' WORLD'S SMALLEST ISLAND '. The record itself was noted by the United Nations, so that its existence as the smallest island is already recognized by the international world.

17,508 Islands between Indonesia, indeed most mini-sized , Simping Island with an area of only 1 hectare. The Simping island is located in the waters of  Gulf Coast Mak Jantu,  of South Singkawang Subdistrict , Singkawang, West Kalimantan.

The Mainland is the island of Simping consists of sand and rocks with some trees on it. There is also a sort of a small shrine, where local Chinese residents worshipped.

On the island are also available seaside scenery, the beauty of the sea and the hills surrounding it. It's no wonder. Although very small, Simping never deserted visitors.

This area is also included in the area of conservation and protected forest. And the UNITED NATIONS has already acknowledged thatSimping Islandis the smallest island in the world and these claims are increasingly making it crowded tourists.

A tour to the island of Simping .
A visit to the island of Simping is not too difficult it only takes 20 minutes from Singkawang to Gulf Coast Mak Jantu.

If the direction of Pontianak takes about three hours drive towards Singkawang. Mileage to the island about 100 meters fromSimping Islandlips Gulf Coast Mak Jantu. To achieve it we can use a concrete bridge from deliberately built to to the island.

tourism unique  at West Kalimantan
Weelcome on the Simping Island , unique tourism objech , and is already admit by the United Nations.

Embalming in West Toraja Regency of Indonesia

Embalming is a way that used to be dead or living creatures who've not animate do not rot. This way I know when you are in the hamlet of Barerreng in 1999. At that time there was a neighbor died , named Ne'tammubua ', when I visited the family home that I smell very sting. When I asked to my friend of named Katiandagho "smell is this?"
"Is the process of preserving bodies" he replied. On this occasion I while reminiscing about the area I told the previous experience I never experienced it. More than one I tell them is Baruppu' society, Unique culture cemetry.

embalming in toraja
Ma'nene procession ' at Toraja
Centuries earlier, when the practice of preserving bodies is done, nobody knows exactly why and when it starts. Obviously, before Christianity entered the Tana Toraja Regency the first time around 1913, the Toraja people embraced the faith or belief Todollo Aluk ' to ancestors and nature. At first the corpse-bodies that laid out in a rock cave, then put on a stone. The corpse was decay, even dry up.
Until a while preserving the bodies performed using potions, using leaf vinus, kerosene, stem plants resembling tille – sugar cane stalks but smaller and not eaten –, tea leaves, and salt. These materials together and then crushed and poured into the mouth of the corpse. The rest is smeared on the skin. Natural and helps preserving and drying the corpses properly.

Entering the 1990s, preserving bodies done simpler, i.e. injecting chemicals or better known as formalin. The result of dozens of bodies not durable when compared to their ancestors tens and hundreds of years ago. "Ways of injecting use chemicals called formalin is done to every millimeter surface of bodies", said Mr. katiandagho added the explanation to me.
After the process is completed, then the cadaver preservation stored at home, while waiting until ready for the grave stone to be placed or already prepared by the family of the deceased. To get the cost of a funeral procession which require tens of millions of corpses even billions of rupias, each Member of the family to wander in all directions in the territories or abroad.

Another corpse in Sicily, Rosalia Lombardo, a daughter of Sicily was two years old, who died in 1920, still looks fresh. Muminya known as "the Sleeping Beauty" is stored in a glass box in Palermo, Italy.
Herb what makes these mummies still looks fresh, became a secret for years. However, biological anthropologist from the Institute for Mummies and the Iceman named Dario Piombino-Mascali managed to uncover her inimitable blend of which are used to preserve the Rosalia.
He find out the materials used from the relatives and close people Alfredo Salafia, an expert maker of processed taksidermis or who died in 1933. Hand made note of Salafia revealed that he injects a chemical substances to the body in the form of Rosalia formalin, Zinc salt, alcohol, salicylic acid and glycerol.
Formaldehyde is an ingredient that is currently most commonly used to preserve corpses. A mixture of formaldehyde and water it kills all the bacteria causes decay the flesh. Salafia is one of the pioneers of the use of such chemicals to preserve the corpses.

While alcohol in a dry area will function maintains the corpse remains dry thus more Rosalia durable against changes in temperature and humidity. Glycerol as the oil will prevent her body too dry and salicylic acid to prevent the growth of fungus.
However, the primary key is embalming Zinc salt. According to Melissa Johnsons Williams, Executive Director of the American Society of Embalmers, zinc is not used in the process of preservation in the us. With zinc bodies become stiff, if lifted from the crate and let it stand, bodies will be able to stand ... heheh

The Most Ten Beautiful Places In Indonesia

Often we are astonished when a friend just returned from abroad and show off their experiences. There are some who proudly displayed his picture with the background of one of the wonders of the world. 

In Indonesia, there are also many beautiful places that we could be visited. Curious? Here are Ten Most Beautiful Places in Indonesia which has beauty that is not inferior to overseas tourist attractions, among which are:
1. Borobudur Temple

Borobudur Temple
Borobudur Temple is one of the largest Buddhist temple in the world. This temple was built when Samaratungga – king of the dynasty of Syailendra ruled in Central Java. This temple is considered to be one of the seven wonders of the world. Borobudur temple is located in Borobudur village, Magelang, Central Java. Borobudur Temple is very huge and consists of large blocks of stones with a very majestic architecture. Because of its difficulty in manufacturing the temple, I put the temple of Borobudur in the first row.

2. Komodo Island
Komodo - The Dragon
Komodo Island is located in a strait between the Flores Island in Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT) and Sumbawa in Nusa Tenggara Barat (NTB). In Komodo Island there is the biggest lizard in the world, called the Komodo dragons (Varanus komodoensis). Komodo is believed to be the residual of dinosaur ancient animal which still alive. The length of the Komodo dragon can reach 3 meters and the weight can reach up to 140 kg. In the waters of Komodo Island there are also waters which included into underwater wonders of the world. Komodo waters of the ocean floor is the best in the world, at sea level emerging dry lands with mountainous rocks. Komodo Island is very worthy of inclusion in list of 10 nominated wonders in Indonesia and New 7 Wonders of The World.

3. Three Colours Kelimutu Lake
Kelimutu Lake

Three Color Lake of Kelimutu is one of the nine wonders of the world. Three Color Lake located in Mount Kelimutu, Flores, NTT. There are three adjacent lakes but with different colors. The crater lakes are Tiwu Ata Polo (red lake), Tiwu Nua Muri Kooh Fai (green lake) and Tiwu Ata Mbupu (blue lake). Kelimutu Lake is the only lake in the world in which the water may change at any time, from red to dark green and then red, dark green to light green, dark brown to blue sky. This natural phenomenon is a miracle.

4. Jayawijaya Peak and Carstenz
Jayawijaya Peak

Peak of Jayawijaya and Carstenz which is also listed as one of the top seven continents (Seven Summit), which is very phenomenal and become the target of mountain climbers in the world. Jayawijaya Peak is located in Laurentz National Park, Papua. The Peak is covered with everlasting snow. The eternal snow of Jayawijaya Peak is one of the three snow fields in the tropical area of the world. In our country through which the equator is, watching the snow in Indonesia certainly something that is impossible to be understood. Carstenz Pyramid (4884 masl) is one of the snowy peaks. The highest peak in Southeast Asia and the Pacific is located at the Sudirman Mountain range. This peak is not only famous because of the high, but also because of the layer of snow on top.

5. Prambanan Temple
Prambanan Temple
Prambanan Temple is the largest Hindu temple in Southeast Asia. Prambanan temple is located on the border of Central Java and Yogyakarta. This temple was built in about the year of 850 AD. The architecture is magnificent and there are temples of both large and small on this Prambanan Temple. There is also a legen that the temples are only made in a single night by a supernatural power of Bandung Bondowoso as a condition to marry Loro Jonggrang. But not because of the legend Prambanan included in this list, instead of the greatness of the stunning architecture of the world.

6. Pulau Bali
Tanah Lot - Bali Island

Bali Island/ resort is one of the most beautiful island in the world. Bali Island is a resort island in the world. Tourist resorts on the island of Bali such as Kintamani, Kuta Beach, Lake Batur, Goa Gajah, Siring, Bedugul, Tanah Lot and so on. The island is included in the list because of the most amazing places with architecture and natural beauty of the island which also has been recognized. More information read on Bali a beautiful place

7. Bromo Mountain
Mount Bromo is one of the five volcanic mountain complex located in the Tengger Mountains in the sea of sand. The attraction of this mountain is that the volcano is still active. Mount Bromo tourist attraction is a natural phenomenon with a specificity of natural phenomena that are not found anywhere else where there is a crater in the middle of the crater (in the crater there is a crater) with a strecth of sand sea surrounds it.

8. Tana Toraja

Tana Toraja is located in South Sulawesi. Tana Toraja is very unique, especially in terms of burial. The bodies were not buried, but placed in the caves of the stone hill. The bodies are accompanied by statues made of jackfruit wood depicting the deceased. There are graves in the rock, such as Londa, Kete’kesu, Baruppu' and others. One form is the tomb stone made at the top of the cliff at the height of the rock. According to animism of Aluk To Dollo’ among the people of Toraja Land, the higher the place he put the bodies are growing quickly to meet the spirit of God or heaven (puya). Another tourist attraction in Toraja Land is a panorama of rice fields spread over the slopes of the mountains, the natural texture that resembles the basic shape of the cave is also available in the area of Serre alle, Toraja Land.

9. Krakatau Mountain

The eruption of Mount Krakatoa had shaked the earth. The volcano had erupted on August 26, 1883. The explosion was very powerful and also generate a tsunami that killed about 36000 people. Krakatoa eruption voice to be heard in Alice Springs, Australia and Rodrigues Island near Africa. Krakatoa Mountain is located in the Sunda Strait between Java and Sumatera. Even the dust is said to outer space. Although Krakatoa was not as dangerous as it used to be (hopefully) but its history is one of the wonders of the nature itself.

10. Toba Lake
Lake Toba, probably many do not know that Lake Toba was once a volcano. The lake is located in the crater of the world’s largest volcano. Mount Toba eruption is estimated at 73 thousand years ago. The eruption was recorded as the largest volcano eruption affected the climate around the world.

If You want to visit these most ten beautiful palces in indonesia, you can start with landed in Polonia Airport Medan, then go to Toba Lake. next you go to Central Java by bus which will through The Sunda Narrow, place where Mount Krakatau exist. after You satisfy looking the panorama of Mount Krakatau you can continue journey to Borobudur Temple and Prambanan Temple in central java. in central java there are a lot of other tourism objects such as "Ngayogyakarta" palace.

After from those two places in the most ten beautiful places in indonesia, you go to Surabaya to visit Mount Bromo, you can use airplane from Adi Sucipto airport in Semarang or use land transportation. from Surabaya You can directly go to Mount Bromo, next go to bali island, and then go to Komodo Island at Nusa Tenggara Barat (NTB). And then You continues to go to Three Colours Kelimutu Lake and Jayawijaya Peak and Carstenz .The last, you go to makassar to visit Tana Toraja which 328 km in the north side of Makassar.

Happy holiday in indonesia, best regard from I Love Indonesia blog.

Gili Trawangan – An Island of Million Enchantment in Lombok

This is Lombok in Indonesia, exotic island in Nusa Tenggara Barat (NTB) which is one prove of the natural beauty of Indonesian Archipelago. Not only the sea and stunning beaches, culture and customs which still maintained by the communities are also still attractive.
A few days ago, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono inaugurated the international airport of Lombok. But it does not necessarily increase the potential of tourism in Lombok which is all this time beneath the shadow of Bali island. Though many potential regions and traditions of local people become the main destination for tourists around the world. 
One of the main destination for tourists Gili Trawangan Island which has been well-known to foreign tourists as well as the Sade traditional village viable for your visit. The trip to Gili Trawangan by motor boat takes only 20 minutes from Bangsal Port.

Bangsal Port which located in Kecamatan Pemenang, North Lombok, NTB is the gateway for tourists both domestic and overseas, which will lead to three dykes, Gili Air, Gili Meno, and Gili Trawangan. From the center city of Mataram, there are two paths that can be passed, the first passing Lane along the West coast of Lombok with good streets and quite extensive, while the second pathway is through Pusuk Forest Zone, filled with hundreds of monkeys. The course was good, but somewhat narrow.
The time needed from downtown to the port approximately half an hour by private vehicles. Once inside the gate that read “Welcome to Bangsal”, you will find a light blue shirt Transportation Agency officers guarding the parking lot. Here, the officers should be directing the tourists to the parking lot, though the distance between the parking lot and harbor is about 300 meter away. In the parking lot there standby cidomo (cikar-dokar-mobil) ready to take tourists to the Port. It appeared in the parking lot there is also the duty of the officers, there you can negotiate with the officers so that cars can go up to the port by paying Rp 20.000.

Gili Trawangan is one of the three exotic island besides Gili Meno and Gili Air which became a tourist destination in Lombok. The beauty of white extended sandy beach and the stunning scenery attracted the tourists to keep coming. Not much can be done on this island, the daily activities are water sports such as diving, snorkelling around the island by bicycle or walking, or just relaxing while enjoying views of the beach. In the afternoon many people gathered in the west of the island to watch the sunset, the place called the sunset view.
Satisfied with the coast and sea, tourists are able to know better the indigenous people of Lombok, the Sasak tribe in Sade Village, who still maintain their tradition strong. Like wooden houses roofed with the leaves of straw, making weaving cloth, famous Sade village, and of course the most unique one is floor house covered with sewage.

No one indeed the movement of tourism awareness in Sade Village. The aim is only one, to attract more tourists and empower local residents. One more tourists’ destination in Indonesia worth a visit. Enjoying the natural charm of Lombok and learn cultural values.


Toward Gili Trawangan from Lombok Island can be reached by various means, commonly used are crossing boats from the Port of Bangsal. To reach the port itself you need a taxi from the airport of Selaparang, Lombok which cost around 100000 rupiahs. But be careful with the offers of taxi at the exit point. Walk a bit to the main road outside the port and then take the BlueBird taxi.

Usually the driver will give you two choices of routes to the Port of Bangsal, namely through the middle lane and the coastal lane. Beach lane (jalur pantai) is the road surpass the outskirts of the west of Lombok among others Senggigi, Pura Batu Bolong and several view points with beautiful beaches. I suggest you choose this route, the road is better and smooth relatively, but if you choose the middle lane you will pass the forest monkey or known by Baun Pusuk.