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The baby has been born With Two Heads in Cilacap Indonesia

The baby has been born With Two Heads in Cilacap Indonesia
Local daily Indonesia-Society Majenang, Cilacap District, Central Java, shocked with the birth of a two-headed baby. This baby was born in the Maternity Hospital Ambassador Mulya, Majenang, Cilacap District, Wednesday night, June 26, 2013, in healthy condition.

Director of the RSB Ambassador Mulya Majenang, Tatang Mulyana, saying, the unnamed baby is a boy. His parents named Him, 36 years old, and Munjiah, 27 years old. "This baby is the youngest of two brothers," he said, Thursday, June 27, 2013. Usman is villagers Purwosari RT 01 RW 08 Village Wanareja, Cilacap.

Tatang said the baby was born by caesarean section. The baby has a body length of 45 centimeters and weight 4.2 kg. He mentioned, this baby has a disorder in medical terms known dicephalus parapagus on joined twins, the twins start from the head to the neck. According to him, this disorder is different from conjoined twins because it has only one internal organs. Head of the branch starting from the neck. In addition, a complete pair of hands and feet.

Still according to the suspected abnormalities, Tatang due to factors of a genetic mutation. At the time of the baby in the womb and was two weeks, the fetus undergoes fission. "While the process is ongoing, it cleavage external factors because maybe the mother taking the drug so that the process stalled and finally splitting in the head," she explained.

According to him, this very rare occurrence with comparison of one per 200 thousand births. Based on the data, he said, the two-headed baby born this is the third time in Indonesia. Previously, similar events happened in 2009 and 2012.

Tatang said the baby will be referred to the General Hospital Center (was) dr Sardjito Yogyakarta to get further treatment. "We strive so that patients could use the services of Jampersal because they come from poor families," he said.

Usman, the father of the baby, says, he does not have money if his son should be consulted to Yogyakarta. "I have no money," he said. Everyday he worked as a Carpenter.
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National Exam 2013 of intermediate level School in Indonesia using Barcode

National Exam 2013  of intermediate level School in Indonesia using Barcode
Indonesia's national exam for high school level will be held on 15-18 April 2013, while in JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL will be held on 22-24 April 2013. On the implementation of the national exam in 2013, there are 20 different question Pack together. This aim is no longer the exam participants cooperate in work on exam questions.

Paper National exam questions will not leak

Education and Culture Minister Mohammad Nuh surprise inspection of PT Pura Group Kudus the print paper exam nationwide. "The security system in the matter of the UN this year was very tight and the use of high technology," he said in Central Java, yesterday. In fact, he continued, the UN has also solved with ' security printing ' and use ' barcode ', so not everyone knows and is believed to be able to prevent the leakage of the question.

In addition, he continued, the paper reserved for each room has different codes, so when every space there were 20 participants in the UN, then 20 script problem given have different codes. Meanwhile, a spokesman for PT Pura Group Kudus Hamidin reveals, his company was indeed believed to print the paper reserved the UN for some provinces in the country. He confirmed that the text of the question and the answer is different from the previous year, because this year is read via a barcode which is not easy to read.

The process of printing the paper about the UN, he said, started a few days ago and was estimated in mid-April 2013 will do distribution. Security during the process of printing problem UN PT Pura Group Kudus, he says, is quite tight, in order to avoid unwanted things. He said security was also done in a layered, starting from an examination of workers starting from the main entrance, the entrance, and a special examination conducted in certain places. While a worker is in charge of conducting the process of print manuscript about the UN, he said, are prohibited from bringing electronic devices or writing equipment. In fact, he continued, the uniform worn by the special uniform Pocket are not equipped.

The Only Flood Jakarta, Indonesia does Not Flood

The Only Flood Jakarta, Indonesia does Not Flood
Jakarta is experiencing a flood of more or less during the week. But it's not happening in Indonesia. Indonesia consists of 33 provinces, Jakarta is one of the provinces of the 33 provinces.

I just realized that floods in Jakarta have an impact on the assessment of foreigners to Indonesia, I know from my Facebook friends who are in the USA. The name Samuel Peter, he does so pay a visit to my house because after seeing the news on CNN that the Jakarta floods, and the wet season in Indonesia.

This is, my communication with Samuel Peter is going on today, Monday, 27 Januri 2013.
Samuel Peter, shed some light on, my friend who was going home from Manhattan USA to Indonesia
  • Samuel Peter

    Mimi already leaving Bro..
    She already flight to Canada .
    And she gonna flight to Indonesia 31 January .
  • Mr-nYach Nyariadi

    to day, sist Mimi go to Canada ?
    Samuael, can you following Mimi go to Indo ?
  • Samuel Peter

    Yes she is flying to Canada
    Bro., and she gonna flight to Indonesia 31 of January .
    I wish can come with Mimi but I have to study bro.. Maybe next time .
  • Mr-nYach Nyariadi

    i hope samual come here, live and sleep at my home
  • Samuel Peter

    Wow that will be nice so I no need to spent money to pay the hotel bro..!!
    How's the weather in Jakarta now bro.,?
    I see in the news CNN
    In Jakarta is flooding now ?
  • Mr-nYach Nyariadi

    My house different with hotel
    Jakarta ? yes that is true
    but now normal again
  • Samuel Peter

    Thanks god if already normal so Mimi flight will be not delate .
    So how's the weather in your place now?
  • Mr-nYach Nyariadi

    my place, the weather was good, the last such flood occurred in Jakarta yesterday.
    Samuel will know if one day here.
  • Samuel Peter

    Yes it's so bad I so from the news
    I was scare your hause n Mimi house also flooding .
  • Mr-nYach Nyariadi

    The flood happened only in Jakarta and its surrounding areas
    We (me and Mimi) live in East Java, which is 300 km away from Jakarta

So, my explanation that experiencing flooding only Jakarta and several areas in Indonesia, but most of the areas in Indonesia flooding does not occur. Let's pay a visit to Indonesia, I would like to make you as guest teachers English language lessons at my school. Gretting I Love Indonesia

Poor girl from Indonesia as champion at Anne Frank photo competition, Netherlands

Poor girl from Indonesia as champion at Anne Frank photo competition, Netherlands
Ni Wayan Mertiayani is Poor girl from Indonesia as champion at Anne Frank photo competition, Netherlands
To be a winner don't assume to be luxurious, as proof that simplicity, authenticity, and the uniqueness of can be a Champion. Photo by Ni Wayan Mertiyani is very simple and is the work of taking pictures through the camera of the loan.

As featured in Anne Frank photo competition
Wayan said about her photo "The chickens in the tree are our little investment to earn some money for our daily needs. This place in front of our little house at the beach is a lovely place…If only we could stay at this place... If only we would have a house of stone instead of bamboo which can collapse by strong winds...If only we would have more than one bedroom for the three of us and where the wind and rain stays outside our bedroom...If only we will have the money to continue school to make our ambitions come true".
The winner Anne Frank photo competition 2009

After reading “The diary of Anne Frank” it is my ambition to be a journalist. So I take this opportunity to tell a piece of my life story. I want to tell the world how it is to be poor. I hope my story will help to get a better live for everyone. I hope that as a journalist I also can earn money and make our dream of our own lovely place come true.

Victory Ni Wayan Mertiyani adds to the evidence that our people have the ability of Indonesia. I grew to love Indonesia with all what it is.

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Where is Indonesia?

Where is Indonesia? A question that makes me smile to hear it. If the question being asked when we were in school by the teacher or vice versa, it is reasonable. Or maybe when we’re out of Indonesia, that kind of a question is very reasonable. A question that makes me smile to hear it.

Where is Indonesia?
This incident makes me smile when I was being asked by a German tourist while I was in Tanah Lot, Bali. I was sitting alone waiting for my friend praying. By chance, the area is in one spot with the place for ablution, restroom and stall. I happened already combine the dzuhur and ashar prayer before. Sitting enjoying the taste of a Bali coffee, there were two female tourists approached me. One got into the restroom and the other one sat close to me. We got acquainted, she asked me where I came from. I said, “I’m from Malang-East Java-Indonesia”. The female German tourist then asked “Where is Indonesia??”. I haven’t had time to explain where Indonesia is, her friend came out of the restroom and they went away. I just smiled and replied with a smile too.

Indonesia is an archipelagic and republic country, located in Southeast Asia. Indonesia has about 17,000 islands with a land area of 1,922,570 km2 and broad waters of 3,257,483 km2. Based on its geographical position, Indonesia has boundaries: to North – Malaysia, Singapore, Philiphine, South Cina Sea. To the South – State of Australia, the Indian Ocean. To the West-The Indian Ocean. To the East-State of Papua New Guinea, Timor Leste, and Pacific Ocean.

Geographical position of Indonesia consist of astronomical and geographical location with different meanings and views.

Where is Indonesia, Astronomically?
Astronomic location of a country is a position based on latitude and longitude. Latitude is an imaginary line which circled the earth’s surface horizontally, whereas the longitude is an imaginary line connecting the North Pole and South Pole. Location of Indonesia astronomically is between 6o North Latitude – 11o South Latitude and 95o East Longitude – 141oEast Longitude. Based on its astronomic location, Indonesia is traversed by the equator line, namely the imaginary line on a map or globe which divides the earth into two equal parts. Equator or equator line lies on the latitude of 0o.

Where is Indonesia, Geographically?
Geographic situation is the location of an area or territory visible from the reality on the earth’s surface. Based on its geographic location, Indonesian archipelago is between the continent of Asia and Australia, and also between Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean. Thus, Indonesia is at a cross position, which has significance in relation to climate and economy.

Where is Indonesia, Geologically?
Geological position is the location of a territory viewed by the type of rocks on the earth’s surface. Geologically, Indonesian territory is traversed by two young world mountains, the Mediterranian to the West and the Pacific Sirkum Mountain to the East. The existence of these two pathways lead Indonesia to have many active volcanoes and earthquake-prone.

The location of Indonesia based on its geographic, geologic or otherwise make Indonesia rich with fascinating sights, such as Bali, Lombok, Yogyakarta, Batu-Malang, Bromo and many more.

Towards Malang by Air Travel

Years ago, if you want travel to the cold city of Malang by plane, you have to get off at Surabaya Airport and then ride on the public transport as far as 70 km to Malang. But now you can travel straight to the city and get off at Abdul Rahman Saleh Airport in Malang.

At the Airport which was opened by the fourth President of Indonesia, KH Abdurrahman Wahid, you can be at once take a tour of nature, because the place is far from hustle and bustle of the city. Surrounded by hills and mountains visible in the distance around the airport.

At the end of the year, precisely on December 30, 2011, a new terminal in "Abdul Rahman Saleh" Airport began to be tested. Residents who travel to natural sightseeing or other purposes are now feel relieved with the construction of civil aviation special terminals. Users and escort services no longer need to pass the strict maintenance of Air Force personnel.

To get to the Airport is easy if your’re traveling in Malang. You can go to the terminal of Arjosari city transport or by taxi straight to the Airport. From Arjosari terminal toward the intersection of Blimbing Malang (approximately 1 km milesouth of the terminal) turn left leads to east to the Highway of Abdul Rahman Saleh, Pakis, and then simply turn right past the large gate reads “BANDAR UDARA ABDULRACHMAN SALEH”. By passing the two-lane road along 1.5 km you can reach the terminal. In the new terminal cars are no longer intercepted by military personnel and no longer need to leave the ID card, but simply receive a card and pay for parking lot. How does it feel if you’re intended to take a natural tour, but still intercepted by marines.
Towards Malang by Air Travel

The parking area is relatively wide, divided into several blocks, namely motorcycle, four-wheel vehicles, officers and operators as well as special parking for taxi. Escort vehicles can directly drop passangers right in front of the passanger terminal and lead directly to the trunk, then entered the passanger lounge.
Towards Malang by Air Travel
Towards Malang by Air Travel
Traveling to Malang through this Airport as if you were experiencing nature tourism because of the fresh air and the new airport is surrounded by rice fields and sugar cane, causing a very beautiful scenery. On the first day of free trial of the new Airport, there were private vehicles, taxi, hotel vehicles, tourist buses and motorcycles enjoying the scenery.

In the new terminal boarding counters have been separated between airlines. Airport tax payment counter is provided in particular. Luggage transit room is more well-organized. Departure lounge is equipped with passenger seats with a capacity of 250 people. There is also special room for smokers.
At Abdul Rahman Saleh Airport, there are seven flight route of Malang-Jakarta. Three flights of Sriwijaya Airlines, two flights of Garuda Indonesia, one flight of Batavia Air and one flight of Malang-Bali route by Wing Airlines. The difference between Abdulrachman Saleh Airport before and after is:
• Preservation conducted by Air Force personnel
• Pickup or prospective passengers must leave ID card at the first gate and recheck at the second.
• Parking vehicles for escort was limited.
• The waiting room was cramped and hot.
• A long boarding queue, because the counter was used alternately by four airlines.
• Departure and arrival terminals were in one place.

• The road to the new terminal, no longer through the military area.
• Pickup or prospective passangers no longer need to leave an ID card.
• Parking lot is wider and divided into several blocks.
• Spacious waiting room, with a capacity of 250 passengers.
• No longer boarding queue because of separated four counter airlines.
• Departure and arrival terminals are apart (still planned).

Please enjoy the nature tourism in Malang, we’re able to accommodate you at our village houses. Indeed we’re the villagers who want to introduce our city.

Indonesia's Southeast Asian Games Champion XXVI in 2011

Indonesia's Southeast Asian Games Champion XXVI in 2011
Local daily writing, three days before the closing of the Games, Indonesia certainly already earned champion SEA Games 2011 with XXVI has won 140 gold medals. Whereas the position of gatekeeper, now occupied by Brunei Darussalam is Saturday (19/11/2011) surpassed by East Timor.

 Gold medals of Indonesia harder overtaken by 10 participating countries as well as other Games. Until Saturday, was captured 11 gold country 434 of the total 545 a contested gold medal. That is, living 101 gold more to contested on three days in advance.

Chairman of KONI/KOI Rita Subowo previously already stated, if Indonesia had won 136 medals of gold, then Indonesia already ascertained champion SEA Games in Jakarta-Palembang. In addition to the 140 gold, Indonesia has now been collected 112 silver and 103 bronze medals.

Thailand ahead of the three-day closure of the Games again took over the position of second number of Viet Nam. Thailand has now got 85 gold, silver and bronze 76-93. While Viet Nam, 80 gold, 77 silver and 82 bronze .

Brunei and Timor-Leste since the first day of the Games currently most opened always are protruding. East Timor's nine days into a gatekeeper, on Saturday was resurrected after the successful defeating athletes Kenpō Indonesia. So Timor rake 1 gold, 1 silver and 4 bronce.

The position now occupied by Brunei Darussalam with protruding 0 gold, 2 silver and 7 bronze.

Bajra Sandhi | Very Attractive for Tourists

Bajra Sandhi is Monument to the struggle of the people of Bali. Balinese People Struggle monument called of Braja Shandy (sorry if wrong in writing). The monument is located at JL. Raya Puputan, Niti Mandala, Denpasar. Balinese people might call Bajre Sandhi, because the suffix letter the vocals a is always pronounced with e by the Balinese people. The monument is located in the vicinity of the provincial Government Office of Bali is located in a very broad area.

Take pictures with tourists in The Bajra Sandhy-Foto by Nyach
 The monument is located in the middle of the field Puputan Margarana. The towering Monument in existence into space with the area reflects the nature of the monumental and authoritative gracefully. Philosophically this form symbolizes the lingga-Yoni. Monumennya itself as a symbol of the phallus and the foundation of the building as the Yoni. Lingga-Yoni is the symbol of Lord Shiva in his aspect of providing prosperity and fertility.

Indonesia will become a better Country in 2025

Coordinating Minister the Fields of the economy Hatta Rajasa said in the year 2025 Indonesia will be the developed countries and is the world's major force 12 through the high economic growth that is inclusive and sustainable.

"To be the developed countries there is a couple of things to do from this moment, i.e. the development of the quality of human capital, the utilization of the entire source of financing development, budget management pattern and the wealth of the country the better," he said in Medan, Monday.

It says on the public lecture at the Faculty of Economics Universitas Muhammadiyah Sumatera Utara (UMSU) with the title "Embodies a more Prosperous Society through the implementation of the acceleration and Expansion Masterplan economic development of Indonesia".

Then, further Hatta, which should be also done is still maintaining the sustainability of social security and poverty mitigation and changing mindsets, particularly among the young.