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Indonesian People Find Vacuum Power

Indonesian People Find Vacuum Power
Slamet Hariyanto villagers Ngroto Subdistrict Pujon Malang, East Java province, Indonesia did managed to find Vacuum power plant (PLTH-Pembangkit Listrik Tenaga Hampa). Hollow power product by Slamet Hariyanto was able to work nonstop for 24 hours, as long as the electricity generated has continued to be used. The price is not expensive and environmentally friendly
Findings of men aged 51 years and primary school graduates only utilizes carbon from coconut shell and coconut fiber to fungtion serve as energy storage as a means of propulsion power.

Different from solar power, this Vakuum power proven Slamet's design proff capable of generating electrical energy of high power to 220 volt with a capacity of one thousand to 6 thousand Watts special on fuse 1. As for the fuse was able to generate 380 3 fuse with a capacity of over 13 thousand volt voltage.
sources : Kaskus

If you want to generate a power of 10,000 watts, enough to put 5 units panel. Where did the power panel is obtained? Every single panel unit requires 3 kilograms of carbon compressed. Slamet using charcoal coconut which he had bought from coconut shell smallholder. "The actual use of coal could also be. But also dangerous, "said Slamet Hariyanto of called Embing.

Of course, the panel requires initial energy to be stored. Slamet using 6-volt Battery to me early to distribute energy panels. After that, the energy that is stored, processed panel transformer machines, relay and capacitor. Capacitor power-function returns to the panel, so that it becomes an electric energy.

The greatness of this Slamet findings plants more environmentally friendly because it uses fuel oil and no noisy and leaving waste.
Slamet confesses himself only took a few components to adjust the plant creation was purchased from the market. The capacitors for Rp 850 thousand, rest leverages thrift wear.

The local newspaper mentions, Slamet find hollow power plant begins from his efforts to help neighbors who asked him to be the source of electricity for the chicken coop. Originally hired by Slamet makes windmill, but after work, turned out to be the only graduate school's base is generating Generator capacity 2000 watts.

as a person who both live in Malang, I am very proud of the inventor of environmentally friendly electricity.

Learn more about ADSL modems

Learn more about ADSL modems

ADSL refers to asymmetric digital subscriber line and a kind of DSL broadband internet connection technology. One of its major benefits is excessive quantity of data which can be sent to already accessible copper telephone lines. They display an improved form of conventional modem lines. 

In order to meet the needs of high-speed internet communication devices, there have been numerous improvements in today’s environment. There is a specific attachment of a special filter connected to the user’s telephone line which enables both ADSL and genuine telephone services need to be run in synchronization. This filter is popularly known as micro filter. 

The construction features of ADSL computer modems call for the services of subscribers and ADSL modem which should be kept in close geological area to the internet service provider’s central office. it is imperative to get the best services that subscribers can attain from the lack of balance of the digital subscriber line. 

The distance between the ISP office and subscriber should be in a radius of maximum 2.5 miles. The upstream rate of ADSL is 16 to 640 Kbps and its downstream rate is 1.5 to 9 Mbps which makes it beneficial as compared to all other internet connections available in the defined vicinity.  

The latest ADSL technology is majorly represented by ADSL computer modems. This modem provides a popular and cost effective solution for end users. It enables the faster data transfer directly to the personal computer of the user. The cost of this modem differs depending on the user’s demand for the speed variations in the server. 

There are numerous options with the variations of upstream and downstream frequencies according to the capabilities and location of the users. The minimum available configuration is 1.5 Mbps and maximum is 8 Mbps.  

ADSL computer modems are generally of three types including Ethernet, PCI and USB. The major advantage of ADSL modems is that it can create multiple channels for the transfer of data.