The Hill Remains in Mining Area

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There are at least three places ever see related phenomena in the picture on the side. The remaining hills in the area of the phenomena of mining. All three are on the karst. Two phenomena in the former mining Limenstone in district Pagak and in district Kalipare. Being the third one, as shown in the figure on the side, found at the site of mining piropilit which is currently still actively exploited in Sumbermanjing. All three were in the stands foursquare like the thumb who raised up to the peak of overgrown by vegetation.

"I Love Indonesia" only suspect that the rest of it occurred because the constituent rocks that form the rest of it has a high level of violence. Mine workers were leaving for granted because it remains Hill steel equipment they use unable tore and destroyed the Hill. Even according to the word that, for the rest of the Subdistrict's remains solid despite Pagak around it were demolished using dynamite. Hence how the rock hardness according to Moh scale? What minerals that make up the rocks?

As we know together that to declare the hardness minerals, experts often use the Moh scale is expressed with numbers from 1 to 10. One example, a scale of 1 to 2, the scale of mineral talk to gypsum, calcite scales, scale 3 to 4 to scale, the scale of 5 to fluorit apatit, ortoklas, scale 6 to 7 scale for quartz, the scale of 8 to 9 scale, topas for corundum, and scale of 10 for diamonds (Understanding Earth in Adi Susilo, 2010). Take only the next mineral Quartz.

This new Mineral quartz can be divided when using steel-fisted. So what's the rest of the Hill many contain quartz? Could be, because in the piropilit quarry in the vicinity that piropilit itself also contains Quartz. Piropilit and quartz are both in a group of silicate minerals. Nevertheless not closed presumably Hill rest contains corundum, considering there is corundum can also happen in the process of metamorphosis in batugamping. What's piropilit has a similar color with corundum. Color of corundum is gray, blue, pink, red, yellow, green, and violet (red-violet), or black.

Even in its site,, Roger Weller also describe the sample images that are brown corundum, in addition to pink. So the violence there in the hills of the minerals that it remains in the scale of 9? Then the next question is, why if it's not all alleged corundum taken? What they don't know? Or what because it is not economical? That's a series of questions that might be able to gain many more questions can be asked. Practically it should take some of the remains were then tested in the laboratory of physical and chemical carefully.

The result is definitely known, mineral-what is contained in the rest of it and obtained the conclusion that the mineral sebab-musababnya was abandoned just asthe rest of the Hill.
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