Parks dam Lahor Help your journey

Parks dam Lahor help your journey >>>Is one of the tourist attractions in our area is very healthy in every moment. Natural shades are great for a break in the middle of a trip from the city of Malang to your destination as the city of Blitar and Trenggalek, Tulungagung, or Kediri.

Around Lahor Dam is filled with a wide range of relaxing facilities just to loosen muscles that spasm due to travel long distances. There is an assortment of store to pamper your taste buds with culinary eating menu, ranging from traditional to modern menu with the there.
In addition to the break while eating, you can also break that actually, because around Lahor Dam many lodgings available. If you are sleepy and need to sleep, please rent a lodging. Rents lodging from RP. 70,000 up to Rp. 200,000. With adequate facilities like hotels in the city.
Garden tours lahor dam can also be used for you who love fishing. There are many places that you can use for fishing. You can use the edge of the southern part of the North or dams for fishing without having to pay. While the fishing area will have to pay is to the North of the Hotel Holly.
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