Chronology of attacks on supporters football team of Arema

Arema Malang Cronus two supporters killed attacked the Surabaya supporters United in Sragen, Saturday morning, when the two groups cross paths when both want to towards the stadium place "eight great" Sudirman Cup was held in Sleman, Yogyakarta.

 The two clashing supporters occurred in Sragen Ngampal Jatisumo gas station and workshops of the city limits of Nglorok Sragen, Saturday at about 04: pm.

 The death toll is Eko Prasetyo aka Jum (age 35), he live in Sebaluh villagers Pujon, Regency of  Batu, and Slamet (age 24) citizens of Pohgajeh, RT 4, Selorejo Subdistrict, Regency of Blitar.

 Their sharp weapons, while pierced 431 bonek detained in Polres Sragen. Police also seized celurit, samurai, sharp weapon for, gir, and Slingshot from the caldaron team supporters of it.

Chronology of attacks on supporters football team of Arema

The two groups of supporters were about to witness a match United's opponent Osasuna Surabaya in a follow-up round of 8 large Jendral Sudirman Cup 2015 Maguwoharjo Stadium in Group E of Sleman, Saturday (19/12/2015) night.

However when entering the territory of Sragen, two ardent enemies that cross paths. The first incident happened in the city limits of Sragen, Dukuh Ngrandu, Nglorog, Sragen around 30.
Groups of supporters to face that driving a car Daihatsu police numbered AG 1275 KA, attacked persons supporters when they wish to make Comments that deflated the tire patch in Nglorog area.

One of the passengers, Novitasari (17) years of age from Plampangan citizens , Kesamben, Blitar Regency mentions the persons Comments asking for seven passengers to get out of the car.

 Nahas, one of the eight passengers, namely Slamet (25) years of age, residents of Polgajih, Blitar attacked up to experience a severe wound in the head. The victim also had car owner was rushed to the PROVINCIAL HOSPITAL Sragen.But due to severe, Slamet injured died in the hospital.

 The second incident happened at gas station Jatisumo at 04.00 PM, Sragen.Groups of police BG numbered bus 7935 RF containing 32 supporters Facebeing attacked by persons Comments. Groups of Bonek pelted buses with stones and into buses, looting wallets and bags of passengers..

 The bus driver, Eko Prasetyo (35) years of age , citizens of Sebaloh, Pandesari, Pujon, Malang beaten using rocks and other blunt objects. The helpless victims eventually died at the scene.

 "Back then we were stopping for Fajr and eat. But groups of Comments that usedirect truck down and attacked our contingent, "said Coordinator Aremania Suwondo (33) citizens Pujon, Malang.
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