Photos of the beach in Jalan Lintas Selatan (The Cross Street South of Java Island)

Jalan Lintas Selatan we call, this is the Cross Street South of the edge of the island of Java, Indonesia. Trails South (JLS) in East Java is designed connect Pacitan – Trenggalek, Tulungagung, –. Attached to a Hapless South Blitar – (in part already done done) – East of Malang. The plan will culminate in Banyuwangi. The total distance is approximately 600 kilometers.

This street was deliberately built at the edge of the beach, splitting many of the Hill, and harbored by other land. The streets in the eastern corner of the town of Pacitan is indeed a Government of East Java project called Cross Street South. The road was later crossed the Banyuwangi, Jember, Malang, Tulungagung, Blitar, Malang, Trenggalek and Pacitan . Jalan Lintas Selatan (JLS) completed projects requires a budget of Rp 5 trillion (
Soge Beach at the cros Pacitan-Trenggalek

Soge Bridge

This line cross Pacitan-Trenggalek. The landscape is the beach and the Ocean such as the Great Ocean Road in Australia

Australia has a highway with a very beautiful view of the ocean called the Great Ocean Road. Don't get me wrong, Pacitan also has streets similar to the Great Ocean Road. Its beauty can be pitted

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