The mystical story of Mount Lawu, Indonesia

The mystical story of Mount Lawu, Indonesia
Mountain in Indonesia mostly have a mystical story in it, including at Mount Lawu The beauty of the forest in the region of Mount Lawu now began to disappear.

His charm faded in the match report: Storm fire forest fires that continue to happen until some time in the adjacent time. Until the fire of Mount Lawu take its toll the death of seven climbers on a few days ago. Now mount Lawu, climbing lane closed for periods of time that have yet to be determined. The entrance to the ascent of the Lawu there are several locations. Like Cemoro Sewu (Magetan), and Jogorogo (Paths) in East Java.

Whereas from Central Java through the line and Enclosure Cemoro Cetho Temple. Hiking paths Lawu via Cemoro Cage often widened the goals of the climbers because its not too heavy and many signs the signposts with the mileage the faster around 8-9 hours for normal conditions (for those who are accustomed to riding Mountain). But for beginners it might take more than that distance. While the climbers through the Cetho Temple most is spiritual climbers (climbers who conducted rituals/meditation) usually frequently traversing Cetho.

 Joko Sunarto or Mr. Po explained, most climbers take indeed spiritual Temple. Because the Java community believe that the entrance of Mount Lawu direction ahead of him is from the top of the temple. "The allusion of a House, the main entrance (living room) exist in the Cetho. While Sewu and Cemoro Cemoro Enclosure is the back door and side door, "he said when met at his home in Legal Ngargoyoso, Karanganyar, Central Java recently. Spiritual climbers prefer passing over the line despite the distance might much longer compared to other entrances. While the ordinary climbers rarely pass those lines because of lack of signs pointing the way and mileage. Suradi one villagers around Cetho Temple also mention if you want to ride past this line (cetho) will pass through a location still in mystical.

The others Temple, Kethek Temple, which is also her over it. Later climbers would enter territory in believe local people as supernatural beings Royal entrance which is manifested in two large evergreen bohon rods side by side like a gate. "Later after passing the post four will pass two sufficiently large evergreen tree known as Cemoro twins. It is said that's where the layout of entrances. Moreover, its location near the market with Satan, who is on the slopes of the Lawu, "he explained further. But unfortunately for a time forbidden society rises to the top. Because of conditions at the top can not be dipredikasi. The fire could have appeared suddenly, mysteriously. Same is the case with mount Lawu which is always in selimuti fog of mystery in every corner

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tour the Museum of Sangiran

Sangiran is an archaeological site in Java, Indonesia. [According to the UNESCO report (1995) "Sangiran is recognized by scientists to be one of the most important sites in the world for the study of human fossils, aligned along the site Zhoukoudian (China), Willandra Lakes (Australia), Olduvai Gorge (Tanzania) and Sterkfontein (South Africa), and in the discovery of better than others.

 The area consists of approximately 56 km2 (7 km x 8 km). This location is located in Central Java, about 15 kilometers north of Surakarta in the Solo River Valley. Administratively, the area is divided between two districts of Sangiran: Sragen district (Kecamatan Gemolong, Kecamatan Kalijambe, and Plupuh) and Karanganyar Regency (Sub Gondangrejo).

An important feature of the site is the geology of the area. Originally a dome formed millions of years ago through tectonic rise. The dome was then eroded that expose the contents of the dome which is rich in archaeological record


Tourism Object Hakone Yamoto

Tourism Object Hakone Yamoto
Greetings happy to web visitors I love Indonesia. I get the information via email from a friend who was visiting Japan. Fill in the email as follows:

The purpose of our tour on day four is Hakone Yamoto. Hakone is part of the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park that is located approximately 100 km from Tokyo. This time we didn't ride the minibus as usual but we'll ride the various types of transport. First of all is the walk to the train station Odakyu Machida, just a 5-minute walk from our hotel. At 8 am we all already finished breakfast and ready for hitting the road. So out of our hotels directly on the other by the cold wind 7 ' Celsius. MAK nyes ...(very cool in english langage).!  

Tokyo City AIR CONDITIONING officer certainly forget turning off the AIR CONDITIONING throughout the city this morning. :-) The temperature is as cool as it is able to penetrate the thick yg jeans. But we are ready with the longjohn, jackets, sweaters, hats, scarves, etc. We are ready to deal with it.
The streets are already crowded and hundreds of people walking along the road to and from the train station Odakyu Machida as if hunted by something. Who also hold the road slowly in this yg biting temperatures such as. ..?!

The train to Hakone Yamoto departs at 7:30 exactly. For this we use the Hakone Free Pass that can be used for all transportation while in Hakone. The journey from the station of Odakyu Hakone Yamoto to Machida will take time 55 minutes exactly. In Japan everything is precisely paced mah. No-bid bargaining. Funnily enough, our train named the Romancecar, yg love cars run on the tracks.:-D

Arrive in Hakone Yamoto we replace another train to Hakone Touzan. This time we had to scramble because of full seating and most of us had to stand. This train was short and slow journey continues uphill climb mountains. The first time I know there are trains to climb the mountain. Due to the high mountains of the train must then run a zigzag with two-face and the rear locomotive yg took turns pulling carriages. The train also stops at several stations and arrived at a place 40 minutes later.
The first goal was
Hakone Open Air Museum (Hakone Choukoku no Mori Bijutsukan) which is the museum open yg Japan opened in 1969. This museum had more than 1000 collection of various works of art world class artists such as Picasso, Henry Moore, Churyo Sato etc.
Pablo Picasso was painting Cubism flow, i.e. flow which forms the object of his art in the form of an abstract or geometric shapes to get certain sensations. Because the shape is sometimes abstract Yes difficult also for us who don't understand to get the sensation. Picasso got a place most respectable in the Picasso Pavilion consisting of two floors with 300 more his work be it a painting or ceramics. I just know if Picasso is not just painting. Many works by the cool tiled amazes me. That is, lha wong kok ya just so called works of art. I squeeze in to buy a collection of Picasso works to show my son that works of art from the world's top artists are not always beautiful and could be like painting a random child aged five years. So no need to fear in the work. :-D

From the Museum we take the train to and from Gora Gora we ride the funicular (cable car) to the Souzan. Though its rail line but there is only one of two trains in one tunnel, one up and one down. How, they must turn right? Well, that's cerdasnya people Japan. With the specific technique that trains could cross paths and each entry into the path of the other one. So in the Middle made two rail line connection where each incoming train to each line and later the new entry to the main line. That is, both must be met at the rail connection at the time wrote together in order to get into the main rail.

From our Souzan ride Ropeway to Owakudani where there are hot springs of Hakone Mountain eruptions thousands of years ago.
In our tasting Owakudani station Kuro-Tamago or boiled eggs nutritious supposedly black make us young again. Well this is it. ..! Raw egg white in a skin that was initially put in outdoor sulfur and once cooked his skin turned black. One egg can make us young again seven years, he said. So if I eat eight egg I could be a baby again. The danger of too ...! Who would adopt me on Japan later. :-D Because it is very efficacious then the stew of eggs at Owakudani is quite expensive. One seed egg approximately 35 thousand dollars. Perhaps the expensive fare is ngecat black. Wakwakwak ...!

From Owakudani we continue the journey to Lake Ashi, still with a ropeway. The cable car station and Togendai we headed over to where already waiting cruise ship that is designed like the pirate ship to cross into Hakone-Machi. Ashinoko Lake Ashi or said is a lake formed by the eruption of Mount Hakone thousands of years ago. With our Pirate ship across Lake Ashi are wonderful and Togendai from creeks to Hakone-Machi.

Regards Satria Dharma