I love culture Ludruk

Culture Ludruk is the native from Indonesia, that is originated culture in East Java.
When I was a kid so often witnessed the show ludruk held. Despite having no money to buy the entrance ticket, I and my friends the Koran, reckless also went into the field to see the artistry ludruk.
Ludruk is traditional drama, which raised the subject of legend or folklore. Like Sarip Tambak oso.
In this Sarip, the play plots between good and evil. A young man who is so way and can not be dead very dear to his mother. But this has a behaviour Sarip is bad, that is like stealing. But the good side sarip is defending the commoners, he did not accept the suffering caused by small colonial Netherlands in her village.
Sarip has opposed a charioteer gig (driver pedati) a hero of the village.

Sarip angry when his mother was tortured by tofu village top agent Netherlands invaders.

So at a glance stories, about ludruk Sarip Tambak Oso.
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